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Below, please find URC West’s standard subcontractor documentation for all current construction markets.

Preqaulification Documents

Below, please find URC West’s standard subcon- tractor documentation for all current construction markets.

VENDOR Documents

COVID-19 Prevention Program
As the impact from and requirements to mitigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be fluid, URC West, Inc. would like to share with you the guidelines we have in place to protect the jobsite, our offices, our employees, the residents and all the workers.
Daily Operations
Since URC West, Inc.’s first responsibility is to the health and safety of our people and their families, we ask all our employees and trade partners to strictly follow the published CDC guidelines for containment of the virus as well as our COVID-19 Operations Protocol.
URC West and all its subcontractors will comply with the orders of local, state and federal recommendations as well as the CDC and OSHA. URC West projects remain open and our contractual obligations to our clients remain in effect.
Mandatory Jobsite Protocol For URC Subs :
    • Understand and adhere to all Federal, State Health Departments, CDC, and OSHA requirements.
    • All subcontractors must provide their own PPE.
    • All unvaccinated and vaccinated persons must wear face coverings when entering an occupied apartment unit.
    • Unvaccinated persons must wear face coverings when working at indoor common area locations.
    • Vaccinated persons may work without a face covering in indoor common area locations.
    • All subcontractors must follow our COVID-19 Operations Protocol in place until further notice.
    • For associates with symptoms or positive test results, please notify URC West immediately and self-quarantine the individual(s).
URC COVID-19 Subcommittee
URC West, Inc. has formed a COVID-19 Sub-committee to review issues as they arise, provide direction to the organization, and distribute information, as necessary. The intent of the committee is to minimize disruption to project teams, while keeping them appraised of the latest information.
*Our COVID-19 Protocol manual can be provided upon request.